Integrated Fire Protection System Based on IoT Detection Sensor

JIITA, vol. 2, no. 2, pp.95-99, Jun, 2018

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Integrated Fire Protection System Based on IoT Detection Sensor

Dongki Lee 1,*), JoungGuen Yun 2), SangMin Bae 1), ChangSub Yeo 1)

1) Gyeongbuk research Institute of Vehicle Embedded Technology, Yeongcheon-si, South Korea
2) Korea ITS CO.,Ltd, Gyeongsan-si, South Korea

Abstract: In this paper, the problems of integrated disaster prevention systems such as traditional temples, hanok houses, and cultural heritages, which are vulnerable to theft and fire, were improved. The existing disaster prevention systems for traditional temples and cultural heritages transmit the data of the detection sensors to the control server through wired communication due to the geographical reasons. When a disaster occurs, this method cannot perform communication because the cable is cut off or the power is turned off, and the integrated control of various sensors is impossible. Considering this point, the proposed integrated disaster prevention system transmits all the detected data to the integrated disaster prevention module first. The integrated disaster prevention module manages various data from IoT-based sensors, intelligent distribution boards, and IP cameras. In addition, it transmits the emergency state information to the control server using the protection circuit even when the communication is cut off and the power is turned off. Through this, an integrated disaster prevention system that can solve the problems of the existing disaster prevention system and can respond early to the accident is implemented.

Keyword: Cultural Heritage; Disaster Prevention; Crime Prevention; Integrated emergency management system; CCTV

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