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JIITA, Volume 2, Number 4, 2018

Improving EMC Performance of Digital Cluster for Electric Vehicle using Power Integrity Analysis
DaeHyeok Kwon, JaeMin Jang, ChangSu Moon, Myeong-Su Jeong / pp.161-166

Building a Language Model for the Cebuano Language
John Vincent N. Pakson, Robert R. Roxas / pp.167-175

An Enhanced Part-of-Speech Tagger for English
Mary Destiny M. Abellana, Robert R. Roxas/ pp.176-182

Fabrication and Characterization of DNATemplated Gold Nanowires for the Application to Nanodevices
Hyung Jin Kim / pp.183-186

Effects of the Elements of Color on Color Deviation under LED Light
Siliang Yi, Po-Han Chen, Chih-Fu Wu / pp.187-196

Performance Analysis of the Ranging-based Localization Methods and CKF-based Performance Enhancement
Seong Yun Cho / pp.197-202

Age and Gender Estimation based on Multiple patterns and Multiple features
Hyunduk Kim, Sang-Heon Lee, Byunghun Hwang, Yoon-Jib Kim, Youngsun Ahn / pp.203-207

Facial Emotion Recognition based on Eye and Lip Features
Jeong-Tak Ryu, Kyung-Ae Cha, Jung-Wun Lee / pp.208-213

Distribution Channel Analysis in Closed-Loop Logistics Network
Mitsuo Gen, Xing Chen, Anudari Chuluunsukh, YoungSu Yun, and Lin Lin / pp.214-220

The study of measure NaK ratio in urine through optical measurement
Hojong Chang, Byunghun Han, Jisung Hwang, Gyuseong Cho, Hyunduk Kim / pp221-225

Bluetooth Based In-Vehicle Infotainment for General Purpose and Multiuser Use Cases
Hyoseok Yoon, Se-Ho Park / pp226-240

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