Power Integrity Analysis for EMI Reduction of Electric Hydraulic Pump Control PCB for All Wheel Drive

JIITA, vol.4 no.2, pp.345-353, 2020

Power Integrity Analysis for EMI Reduction of Electric Hudraulic Pump Control PCB for All-Wheel Drive

ChangSoo Moon1), HyunKi Ryu1), MeongSu Jung1), HongKi Kim2), KiYung Kim3*), SungRaeCho4*)
1) Gyeongbuk research Institute of Vehicle Embedded Technology, YeongCheon-si, Korea
2) Youngshin Precision Co.,LTD., GyeongJu-si, Korea
3) Seba Co.,LTD., Gumi-si, Korea
4) Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute Science Technology, Daegu Metropolitan City, Korea

Abstract: In the past, AWD for vehicles such as pick-up trucks or SUV was used to overcome the limit of driving capacity and driving ability by road environment. Besides, there was the only mechanical manual operating gear that was suitable for the highly efficient driving force of luxury vehicles. But in recent years, as the demand of consumers for high performance and high safety vehicles is increasing, the Active All-Wheel-Drive system applies to almost all the vehicles actually. Especially, as electronic hydraulic pump actuator which is the most important part of precise torque distribution of transfer case for the four-wheel-drive vehicles applies to all the vehicles regardless of the type of vehicles or wheel position and widely applies to eco-friendly vehicles more and more, integrated automotive parts are being improved and working speed is faster. So these things cause some electrical and electronic problems. An electromagnetic field caused in the process of operating an electronic hydraulic pump controller makes electromagnetic waves and these electromagnetic waves noise are the principal cause of disrupting the other electronic components of a vehicle. Especially, because electromagnetic waves noise in the process of operating power supply or BLDC motor controller are able to cause the performance degradation of the other parts and to cause malfunction, it is important to make the optimal design. In the paper for this, we find out existent resonant frequencies through resonance analysis of electronic hydraulic pump control PCB and then modify PCB not to cause resonance in the bandwidth which can restrict electromagnetic waves. In this way, we propose a method to reduce PCB development time and cost by analyzing and correcting the cause of electromagnetic interference before making PCB

Keyword: All-Wheel-Drive; Hydraulic pump; Power Integrity; Decap; Resonance;

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