Current Issues [2020]

JIITA, Volume 4, Number 1, 2020

Parameter correlation analysis for determining practical TCSC main circuit elements
Jae-In Lee 1), Seok-Ju Lee 1), Minh-Chau Dinh 1), Minwon Park 1,*), Chur Hee Lee 2) and JongSu Yoon 2)

Estimation of Sub-synchronous Resonance Risk in Thermal Power Plants due to the Nearby Installation of TCSC
Minh-Chau Dinh 1), Minh-Quan Tran 2), Jae-In Lee 3), Minwon Park 3,*), Jongsu Yoon 4)

A Study on Comparison Analysis Between CNN and DNN for Network Anomaly Detection
Ahmed Al Otaibi 1), Mishaal Shah 1), Turki Alrodan 1), Donghwoon Kwon 1,*)


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