Design of Delineator System for Remote Vehicle Entry Detection and Notification

JIITA, vol.6 no.1, p.538-546, 2022, DOI: 10.22664/ISITA.2021.6.1.538

Jaeyeong Jung1), In Kyung Kim2), Junho Yeo*3), Jeong Tak Ryu1)

1) Department of electronics engineering, Daegu university, Gyeongsan, Korea
2) DEXCREW, Daegu, Korea
3) Department of information and communication engineering, Daegu university, Gyeongsan, Korea

Abstract: In this paper, a design of a delineator system for remote vehicle entry detection and notification is studied. A delineator is a gaze guidance device on roads that helps prevent accidents from veering off the road by providing information on the alignment of the road ahead to the driver at night by retro-reflecting the light from the vehicle’s headlamp in a direction close to the incident direction. The proposed delineator system consists of a delineator, an Arduino Uno board, a frequency-modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar, and a short-range wireless communication module. The FMCW radar is used to detect vehicles approaching in front, whereas the short-range wireless communication module is used to wirelessly inform the vehicle entering information to the opposite lane. The Arduino Uno board is used to control and power radar sensors and short-range communication modules. After installing the proposed delineator system on the road, the initial recognition distance of an entering vehicle and the vehicle entrance notification using a short-range wireless communication module were successfully tested.

Keywords: delineator, vehicle entry detection, notification, radar, wireless communication


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