Cardiovascular detection system development with Photoplethysmogram and Fast Fourier Transform

JIITA, vol.6 no.3, p.617-623, 2022, DOI:

Kyungdon Choi 1), Yongho Kim 2), Byunghun Han 1), Kyungho Byoun 3) Heejung Kang 4), Youngsang Kun 4), Hyoungho Nam 2), Hojong Chang 1*)

1) Institute for Information Technology Convergence, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea
2) CN Frontier Co., Ltd., Republic of Korea
3) Department of Aerospace Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea
4) DAEYOMEDI Co., Ltd., Republic of Korea

Abstract: Cardiovascular health measurement is very important to prevent the cause of sudden death. Tonometry is known as a very accurate measurement system. However, due to its size, users cannot measure simultaneously. Photoplethysmogram (PPG) sensors are very small and already in use for everyday life to measure the pulse at the wrist. The accuracy is still in an issue but its mobility can help users to measure all-day cardiovascular conditions. We developed a PPG sensor-based cardiovascular measurement system: an activity sensor. We measured blood volume with PPG and compared it with a commercial tonometry system: Daeyomedi DMP-Lifeplus. We used a fast Fourier transform to remove noise from the signal and successfully matched the result with DMP-Lifeplus outcome. As the measurement spot is different, we have a negative correlation between tonometry and PPG sensor and successfully found a method to detect the cardiovascular system with a PPG sensor.

Keywords: Cardiovascular, Hemodynamics, ICT, Pulse-wave, Plethysmogram, Tonometry

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