Current Issues

JIITA, Volume 2, Number 3, 2018

TransPic:Using Images as Interlingua for Machine Translations Systems
Mark Vincent B. Melgo, Robert R. Roxas / pp.100-109

Development of Dross Height Measurement System By Using 3D Measurement Sensor
GeonHwan Kwon, InTae Lee, Min Young Kim, Hyunki Lee / pp.110-114

Future Internet and Named Data Networking Hourglass, Packet and Node Architecture
Ag Asri Ag Ibrahim, Kashif Nisar / pp.115-123

A Study on the Text Legibility of Large LED Display
Siliang Yi, Ya-Chi Huang, Chih-Fu Wu / pp.124-135

Real-time People Counting System Using Simplified Motion Detection
Sung In Cho, Suk-Ju Kang / pp.136-139

Depth Noise Filtering Method based on Quadrangular Cutoff Region and Dynamic Operation Bound for Hand Gesture Recognition
Yoon-Jib Kim, Sang-Heon Lee*, Byunghun Hwang, Hyunduk Kim, Youngsun Ahn / pp.140-144

Web-VizLib: Web-Tool for Visualizing Library Data
Abbas Shakiba, Jong Kwan Lee / pp.145-150

Towards automated interpretation of 12-Lead ECG image: Preliminary Experimental results on 2 Leads
Imtiaj Alom, Valliappan Raman, Patrick Hang Hui Then / pp.151-160

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