Current Issues [2019]

JIITA, Volume 3, Number 4, 2019

Design and Implementation of the Enhanced Public Video Press for Unforeseeable Events Management
Zuosong Han, Yuxuan Zhao, Ka Lok Man

Software Defined Network and Comparison of the Throughput Performance with Traditional Network
Kashif Nisar, Emilia Rosa Jimson, Mohd. Hanafi bin Ahmad Hijazi, Shuaib K. Memon

Radar and camera based missing persons detection system for smart lightening
Seongeon Song, Sangdong Kim, Young-Seok Jin, Chun Hwan Nam, Sung Hae Ye, Jonghun Lee

Deep Learning-based Face Identification System
Juangtak Ryu, Jong Kwan Lee

Design of a control algorithm for charging and discharging battery of a 3 kW hybrid PCS
Van Thang Do, Chang-Soon Kim, Dinh-Vuong Le, Minwon Park

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